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Thursday, September 18th, 2003
3:15 am
The Idea

My idea to start this Community came up when my 2 closest ED-buddies & me noticed we all had the same goal - to lose 30 pounds! I developed the point-system & created this Community to make it easier to keep track of our points & developments.

The Challenge

We don`t have a time limit. The challenge is over when the first girl has reached the goal of having lost 30 pounds!

We`ll have two winners:
1. The girl who loses the 30 pounds first
2. The girl with the most points

I have the feeling the winner will not necessarily have the most points

I`ll make .jpg Winner-Certificates so you can proudly show-off your success!

I`ll also make a Top-5-Points and Weight Statistic & Graphics (I`ve learned how to do it right & highly-scientifically during 3 Semesters in University). I hope this encourages you to keep posting your points daily!

The Rules

-BE DETERMINED!!! This means: post your points EVERY DAY before you go to bed! (If you can`t take the challenge anymore LEAVE!)
-be honest - we are there for support & won`t rip your head off if you`ve had a bad day - remember: we`re here to support each other!
-be nice to each other!
-we`ll do this in KILOS!!! (Remember 1 kilo = 2,2 pounds) - seeing a smaller number is much more encouraging!!! (We could also call it the "Loose 14 kilos challenge" - we`re playing with numbers :)
-Every member must fill out the questionare after joining!
-Post in "Friends only" Mode!

How to do it

I`m an order-fetishist and our Community will be neat & user-friendly so we`ll hardcore use the MEMORIES-section!

There will be ONE SINGLE threat for these items:

-Thinspiration (pics of Models, your successes etc.)
-Tools (Calorie-Lists, Recipes, Tips)
-FAQ (where all questions & answers concerning the challenge get in)

And the most important:

POST YOUR POINTS DAILY!!! EACH DAY WE`LL ONLY HAVE O-N-E THREAT WHERE ALL OUR POINTS GET INTO! Subject of this Posting is "Points of "date/month/year". Post your points for the day + your total sum of points. (I don`t care who initiates this posting - if you`re ready to post your points of the day and nobody opened a threat DO IT YOURSELF! Please understand that I can`t initiate that myself every day.)

Every Wednesday is weighing day! Like the points posting we`ll only have ONE WEIGHT THREAT where our progress gets in! It will be called "Weight-Progress of week (1,2,3...)" and feature your current weight + how many pounds you lost.

Notice: There is no force - YOU DO THIS FOR YOUR OWN GOOD! It`s no drama if you forget to post your points for a day - it will just make your "statistic" look bad...if you don`t want to tell us your weight we won`t force you. Just tell us how much you lose.

The Point System

3 (perfection) til 0 (bad day)

under 500 kcal: 3 points
under 1000 kcal: 2 points
under 1500 kcal: 1 point
over 1500 kcal: 0 points

3 liters: 3 points
2 liters: 2 points
1 liter: 1 point
Drinking alcohol or less than a liter water or tea: 0 points

2 hours or more: 3 points
1+ hours: 2 points
less than a hour: 1 point
no Sports: 0 points

(basically all thats good for your self-esteem or thinspriation)
Having done something for your beauty (your nails or worn nice make-up): 1 point
Having bought or tried on some sexy clothes in a small size: 1 point
Flirting with a sexy guy: 1 point
Having been a night to dance: 1 point
Having resisted a food-craving/hunger pain: 1 point
Looked at Model pictures or having read in a high-class Fashion-Mag for 1 hour or more: 1 point
Faced the truth (weighed or measured): 1 point

(The maximum of Extra Points each day is 3!)

The maximum of points is 12 for a day.

Ok, this was a lot. Don`t worry, the idea is simple and I guess you`ll understand how it works by simply looking into the Community after joining.

I wish you strenght, discipline & determination!

Current Mood: determined
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